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Why CPO?

Are you Confused about when to start college applications?

Are you Overwhelmed with the multiple schools’ requirements?

Are you Stressed about what college will be a good fit for your teen?

Are you Having heart palpitations about how to pay for college (and still try to eat while they’re in school???)?

At CollegePrep Online, we help you get the application details and financial aid forms organized so both students and parents can enjoy the transition from high school to college.

The college application process is complicated, and requires the timely submission of several components. Parents want whatʼs best for their children; their children disagree what “best” is. Often there is friction, and the process can become very stressful for families.

High school counselors do offer some support and guidance throughout this application process. However, counselors are responsible for numerous students and are unable to provide the individualized attention many students need. In addition, many counselors do not have the time to devote to extensive college searches and may offer only “run of the mill” school suggestions.

College admission has become increasingly competitive, and it is important that students broaden their searches to include a range of institutions – safety, target and reach – rather than just the popular schools that guidance counselors are familiar with. As independent college advisors, we keep current on admissions criteria and school standings and continually update our college database. This allows us to generate a personalized list of recommended schools that align best with each studentʼs unique interests and ambitions.

Paying for college has become increasingly difficult and having a strategy for filling gout the FAFSA and CSS Profile is critical now. With state schools averaging over $20,000/year and private colleges having a price tag of $45,000-$75,000/year, putting a strategy in place and accurately completing the Financial Aid forms are two of the most important things you will do for your family when your teen is in college. This part of the application plan is often overlooked and yet can make the most significant impact in your ability to pay for college and minimizing student loan debt for your son or daughter.